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setswana, poko ya setswana letlotlo la setshaba welcome to daily, setso sa setswana wikipedia, today ranola sekgoa go ya setswana oxford dictionaries, ... in tswana translation and definition manager english tswana dictionary online manager boemo jo a neng a bo neetswe jaaka mothusa mmusi wa lefatshe leo leKe batla kwae. Ke batla kwae

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Kananelo is a Sotho baby boy name, meaning 'appreciation'. 55. Tlhokomela: Tlhokomela, meaning 'care' is staid and vigorous, yet current and fresh. If it were an American name, it would have definitely been on the top 100 list. 56. Khosi: Khosi is a trendy and edgy S otho boy name, meaning 'king' in the Sesotho language. Its ...
The plain meaning of this song is Snotkop singing about his love for the Worcestershire sauce. Notably, some fans were divided on whether to like or dislike the song. Regardless of your side of the divide, it's clear that the tune itself is catchy from the beginning to end, even when he's rapping and spitting bars.
Moren'a ka ya ratehang. Moren'a ka, ke sa bua. Moren'a ka, lentswe la hao. Morena o tsohile. Morena, banyadi bana, ba itletse. Morena, banyadi bana, o ba fe. Morena, ditsitso tsa hao. Morena, e sa le hosasa.
Kgositsile s Poetry In Setswana they are called 'maboko' and are held in high esteem They carry varying features from culture to culture but are always united by a common variable naming The heart of this land was the island 66 Setswana Roots en Route in
nature. noun. Ke tlholego ya motho go kgojwa, go palelwa le nako tse dingwe go batla go tswa mo lobelong. It's human nature to stumble, fail, and sometimes want to drop out of the race. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data. Show algorithmically generated translations.
Setswana noun. A language spoken widely in Southern Africa, mainly in Botswana and South Africa in the Northern Cape, the central and western Free State and in the North West province, and also, to a lesser extent, in Namibia, also known as Tswana. Synonyms: Tswana.
Reply: Table 1 provides a summary of expenditure in relation to the amounts spent and the percentage increases or decreases related to (i) consultants, (ii) travel and subsistence and (iii) catering and events in departments. The table provides expenditure information for the 2012/2013, 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 financial years. Table 2 provides a summary of expenditure in relation to the ...
1 NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION NOVEMBER 2016 SETSWANA PUOTLALELETSO YA NTLHA: PAMPIRI YA I SETSWANA FIRST ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE: PAPER I Nako: 2½ Diura Maduo: 100 These marking guidelines are prepared for use by examiners and sub-examiners, all of whom are required to attend a standardisation meeting to ensure that the guidelines are consistently interpreted and applied in the ...
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8. Mme le ha re mekamekana le mathata a a re emeng pele gompieno, a re ikgomotseng ka go lemoga gore, Botswana yo re mo akolang yo, ke letlotlo le re le tlogeletsweng ke Bo-Rre le Bo-Mme ba ba tshedileng pele ga rona, ba ba hentseng mathata a a hetang a re nang nao gompieno, mme ba re betlela tsela ya bokamoso. 9.