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Birthday: September 13, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 181.5cm (5'11) Facts About Yeonjun Yeonjun was the 1st member to be revealed on January 10th, 2019. He is the oldest member in the group. Yeonjun ranked 1st on dance, rap and vocals when he was a trainee. He is known as the 4th gen it boy. Yeonjun representative emoticon is 🦊.
Kim Namjoon's birthday: BTS Army celebrates with K-pop supergroup leader RM-themed bookstall and #JoonsBdayCookout. The customized bookstall is inspired by Kim Namjoon's studio and study style while the books are the ones recommended by the rapper himself By Ashish Singh Updated On : 20:41 PST, Sep 11, 2020.
The oldest member of the group, Yeonjun, was born on Sept. 13, 1999. That makes his international age 21 years old during 2021. ... No two TXT members share the same zodiac sign. With a birthday ...
People born on September 13 fall under the Zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin. Yeonjun is the 766th most popular Virgo . Aside from information specific to Yeonjun's birthday, Yeonjun is the 67th most famous South Korean. In general, Yeonjun ranks as the 8530th most popular famous person, and the 69th most popular musician of all time.
Purchased item: TXT, Yeonjun Soobin Hueningkai Taehyun Beomgyu bracelets. Estephany Jun 9, 2021. 5 out of 5 stars. Namjoon's mono mixtape holds a special place in my heart, therefore, I bought this bracelet as a self given birthday gift and I couldn't be more happier with it. I was a bit worry about the size as I have small wrists, but it fit ...
Get to know which K-Pop idols share the same horoscope as you! Aug 23 - Sep 23. Virgos are hard workers and they are also loyal and kind. They can be shy from time to time which might cause misunderstandings with others due to their lack of ability to express themselves. They also enjoy reading books and chilling in the natural environment.
Sep 13, 1999 · Yeonjun is a famous South Korean musician, who was born on September 13, 1999. As a person born on this date, Yeonjun is listed in our database as the 22nd most popular celebrity for the day (September 13) and the 278th most popular for the year (1999). People born on September 13 fall under the Zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin.
## choi yeonjun/최연준-stage name: yeonjun-english name: daniel-birthday: september 13th, 1999-zodiac sign: virgo-born in: Seongnam City-height: 181.5 cm (5'11") intro film questioning film. fun facts !!-enjoys fashion and starred in ny fashion week-is Big Hit's "legendary trainee" meaning he always scored the best in singing, rapping, and ...
Yeonjun trained for four years and was said to be a former trainee under Cube Entertainment. And while training, he performed as a back-up dancer on several stages. On March 4, 2019, he made his official debut with the group through first mini album 'The Dream Chapter: STAR'.
Birthday. Is the anniversary of the birth of a person, or figuratively of an institution. Birthdays of people are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with birthday gifts, birthday cards, a birthday party, or a rite of passage. Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders or religious figures with special holidays (e.g. Christmas ...
Stage Name: Yeonjun (연준) Birth Name: Choi Yeon Jun (최연준) Possible Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer. Birthday: September 13th, 1999. Zodiac Sign: Virgo. Height: 181.5 cm (5'11") Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: O. Nationality: Korean ~ Yeonjun was the 1st member to be revealed on January 10th, 2019.